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A New Year!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Wow~ what a year 2020 was, for many reasons?!

I could focus on all that happened & continues to in the wider world, but that would only continue to add energy to it, that none of us want...

the reality is, I can only improve my own corner of the world & refocus on my business goals for the year ahead!

So instead I'm going to look forward to the Opportunities that this year will present!

Over the past few months, as I've been painting, the 'Energies' I feel are intensifying!

Something more than I've ever felt before...

I feel I'm transported into a very meditative space, as if... 'into' the painting!

At times I've become sooo deeply relaxed I nearly fall asleep, where I have to put the brush down for a while 🤔?!

Feeling Energies all around is nothing new to me~ but this is on a whole other level...

Excited to see where this takes me...

I hope you feel some of it too when you look at my work?!

Recently, I was inspired to create These 'Energy Portals' ...

A New Gateway, New Beginnings...

These are Representations of the Times we're living in!

There's been a major Energy Shift going on this past 9+ mths in the world around us,

The old, fearful, self limiting ways of Being, are being highlighted, & are being challenged...

Some people will choose to continue having these experiences...

Others are choosing to think freely, listen to their Inner Guidance & to Speak their Truth...

When your level of Awareness increases, into a New way of Being, You Perceive Everything differently!

It's Life Changing!

Which Portal are you Stepping into in 2021?☮️

Acrylics, Crystals & Ultrafine Glitter on Canvas


Check out the 'Gallery' link for more details...

I've also been working on a New Series of Constellation paintings~ only one original will be created for each Month!

I want to capture the Influence of each Zodiac, during that month & infuse it into in my paintings!

These will also be smaller canvases, 20x20cm, but will still have my Signature Crystals & added Sparkles!

So... if you follow me on you'll see them being created & get 1st previews & choice!

See below for some photos & videos...

Then...I'm starting my Moon Series~ In the same way, I'll begin with whatever phase its in & continue from there!

I'm really looking forward to this, as we're all influenced the Moon, whether we really think about this or not?

But especially, because we can all see it & Connect with it, in our own Special way!

Since I bought my Son binoculars for looking at the Night Sky, we've become even more fascinated, if that's possible?!

Also a good Friend bought me a Moonology Diary for 2021, So I've all my artwork plans already in it!

I'm looking forward again, to the Om Dark Sky Park, finally getting an Opening date?! Being able to make new connections & hopefully new collaborations!

I hope whatever you're into that 'Lights the Fire' within... you get at it, keep focused, do something every day that points you in the right direction of your goals & see what evolves!

I will keep you updated every 3mths...

Best Wishes, Theresa...

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