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Gone too fast~ Winter Season already?

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

I find it hard to believe that another 6 months have gone? ... Life continues to unfold alongside what we plan!

Somethings go to the wayside like the rest of these Constellations, while I was working on Commissions... which I appreciate & also love doing!

Enjoy a look through the finished products~


It seems a long time since we enjoyed our long awaited visit to the Observatory in July! 📡🌕

It was great to receive a warm welcome & very informative tour of the exhibition!

Lots to learn & remember!

Seeing the telescopes, especially the larger one, up close was fab...

To be able to get full view of the night sky when the roof is retracted...will be wow!🌌💥

To top it off...My 1st VR experience was just amazing!

Stepping out among the planets, walking on the moon, feeling as if you're on the ISS~ surreal!

I felt like a child in a sweet shop!💚 Looking forward to upcoming events here~ that's where I'll be!

So for all you Sky, Stargazers & Moon lovers, of all ages, a visit to this place is a must!



Well.... A Big Milestone happened this Autumn...My No.1 Son was 30yy in September!🎉🍾

Really?🤔😉... I'm too young for this to happen so soon...

I had been thinking about a Special Gift for him... something meaningful?...

One day when I was painting, he came in & I asked him what he would like for his Special Birthday? I told him what I'd been thinking but not coming up with any ideas...

He said 'you could do one of them for me?'

After a bit of discussion, who better to paint than one of his Icons...Jimi Hendrix...

I said it would be Intuitive, Unique, Vibrant & full of Energy!

What do you think? An Heirloom for him to Treasure?

From the beginning, I really enjoyed working on this ✨Special painting!✨

I did some reading about his life story, to let me into his world, the kind of person he was & what he brought to the World 🌍

He was a Gifted American musician, singer, & songwriter... whose style changed Rock & Roll forever!

He certainly was a Dreamer with a very ambitious soul...

He was usually a quiet, laid-back kind of person, but was anything but shy on stage!

Although his mainstream career spanned only 4 yrs, he is widely regarded as one of the most influential Electric Guitarists in the history of popular music... & one of the most celebrated musicians of the 20th century!

He sadly left this World at a young age...32yy, when his work was done...

I thought about what he'd like me, to now Create & bring into the World?

I asked him for Guidance & Inspiration, which I intuitively got, step by step...

as always I wanted this painting to be Unique...

I listened to his music 🎶🎵, to Connect even more with his Energy☮️...

& it worked... Bigtime!

The warm, comforting yet confident, 'rebellious' feeling I got from this icon, was very Special indeed~ 🕉️☮️

I'll remember this for a long time!💚

His Spirit is still very much Alive!☯️

Can you feel him too?🤔😁


This was another Special Commission~ A painting of Family Constellations...

Requested for a Daughters Big Birthday!🎉

✨Written in the Stars✨

How Special is it when the Stars Align...

& each Generation is Born at the precise moment they are meant to be... to the Parents they have 'Chosen'? 🤔


Scorpio ♏

& 3 Scorpios in the Family too!💚

I really Appreciate Collectors who Connect with me & my Art, & the Unique meanings behind each Original...

Each painting is Super Charged with Reiki🕉️ Gemstones & Swarovski Crystals💎

& are cleansed with Incense, before they go to their New Homes!...

The last of the Paintings are posted & all is done for the next few weeks...Time to refocus on Family over Christmas & to be Grateful for all that 2021 provided, even through these very strange times & to look forward to the Opportunities the New Year, 2022 will bring!

I Appreciate you all, in whatever way you enjoy my Art... I hope it reminds you there's a Bigger Picture in all your Lives... so take a deep breath... Know & Trust that all is well!

See you all on the other side...

Til then, have fun, enjoy the Simple pleasures of this Festive Season & Life itself!

Best Wishes, Theresa...💚

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