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Joining Mum's At Work!

Sept 2019

The MAW Network is a Female Community for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs.

I had been following their Facebook page for a few months & liked what I saw, In Sept; I contacted a member, to find out a bit more~ was it a Positive experience & non- competitive?... I liked what I heard...

so I decided to go along to my 1st Coffee Evening meet-up in Magherafelt the following week... where I first met Sinead Norton, the woman at the helm...

I was glad that what I experienced was exactly as had been portrayed!

I met such a Welcoming, Diverse, Multi-talented, group of 'Ordinary' women' like myself, at various stages of building their businesses...there, to share ideas, support & contacts with each other.

I've gained more knowledge, via our social media interactions & the business information provided by Sinead, on the website.

I then joined the VIP Group a short time later... click on the link below for more details!

I continue to build relationships, mainly online, so far, but hopefully more in- person again soon...I look forward to any opportunities this collaboration will bring...So if you're looking for something similar in your life...get in contact with MAW...

#womensupportingwomen #femaleentrepreneurs #womeninbusiness

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