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Some Behind the Scenes!

People ask me, 'Where do you start, with something like this?'

'Do you know what its going to look like?',... eh...No, to this part!

Every artist knows what the "blank canvas" & early stages of Creating a new painting feels like?! 😯

Slight Apprehension, but mostly excitement...ready for the next stage!

Especially as I now paint Intuitively, there's no plan as such, but Once started the brush flows...

& the next step evolves, one after the other...

shapes & images can start to appear, in the way the canvas catches the paint...I go with it, to see where it takes me~~

I just love this stage... it feels sooo good! 💚🎨

Can you see what I mean?

Below is even more exciting for me, as I get to sort & pick the right Crystals for each piece...

I'm like a child in a sweet shop!

As I paint my Interpretation of 'All Things Above & Beyond', in the Cosmos, I wanted to add my other favourite love, to Enhance the Energy of every Painting~ what Mother Nature provides us with, from way Down Below,

Semi Precious Gemstones~ Crystals! ... I feel they are a Perfect Match!

This whole process is so Calming & Relaxing, I feel like I've been in a Meditative State & transported to Outer Space & back many times during their Creation!

I hope you Feel their Energy too!

'Rose Nebula' Acrylic & Crystals on Canvas 60 x 50cm

Original Available for Purchase!

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