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                          ☘️ Irish Fine & Abstract Artist 🎨

        Intuitive Art~Infused with Reiki & Crystal Energy         Brings Harmony & Balance into Your Life & Space                                                          ☯️


    Celestial Orb

    Acrylics & Crystals on Canvas,30x20cm

       I just love creating these "Cosmos" style Intuitive paintings, I never know what's   going to show up & that's all part of the excitement I feel during the process!

    I am quickly transported into a Relaxing, Meditative state... into another World!

    I use various coloured glazes, to create depth & the illusion of gases away up there, Above & Beyond!

    As Everything is Energy, I now combine Crystals into the pieces also....

    As Mother Earth provides us with her Beautiful Creations, from Down Below, I feel they are a Perfect match!