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Life Changes~ in 2022💚

You may have noticed I haven't been as visible online this year...not long after writing my previous blog in Dec 21; my priorities increased, as I was helping care for our Dear Mother, until her Passing back to Spirit, on 31.3.22,

at 91yy☮️ ~ She has left a void in our lives, which are forever changed...

I then took some much needed time off, from all this tech stuff, to rebalance & to restore my Soul...

I know the Passage of Time continues for Everyone... & Life goes it should...

But it's so good to Know that 'Energy never dies, it just Changes form!'

A. Einstein...

So, here I am nearly 6mths later back on the keyboard!..

I'm really looking forward now, to how Mum will guide me in my Art Creations, from her new vantage point!


So to mark her 6mth Passing, I'd like to share these photos of this Special #Commission Celtic painting~ 🎨🖌️

which I was working on during those months... I was amazed to have had the time 'made available' for me, to paint & actually be finished with a couple of weeks to spare! 😉


I love how the Universe orchestrates this, if something is meant to be!🕉️☮️

A lovely photo of Mum as well, loving life on her 90th Birthday in 2020!💚

It was a gorgeous sunny day a few Sundays prior to Mums Passing... I knew I wouldn't have the opportunity again before the painting was being Gifted, so I took it to our local Ancient site of @BeaghmoreStoneCircles, for an extra #energyboost 🕉️& to take some pics!


Beaghmore is a complex of early Bronze Age Megalithic features, stone circles & cairns, 8.5 mls north west of Cookstown, County Tyrone in Northern Ireland, on the south-east edge of the Sperrin Mountains.


Just imagine the Lives & the People who have walked on this land~


You can Feel their Energies all around!


Now you know why I'm drawn to this area to take photos of my Art, as I feel they fit right in here & they get Supercharged with the Extra Special Energy of this Unique place! ☮️

Enjoy Celtic Spirit'...

✨I' was delighted This Special #Commission was very well received!!🎁🎨🖌️✨


It was great to have total #artisticlicense which is the best! 👌

As I paint Intuitively...


All I need to know is a bit about the person,♓

& what is Meaningful to them...

What Speaks to their Soul... 🕉️☮️


The Inspiration starts flowing...


It always gives me a great feeling, that as soon as I start to 'Tune in' to who it's for, I get guided to #Create what is meant, especially for them!☘️☯️


It was a pleasure to Create this piece, with added Crystal Gem Stones & I'm sure it's new owner will

Feel the High Vibes & Uplifting Energies for many yrs to come!💚☘

Check out my account at for more progress pics &

'Follow' me for my most recent work!

If you're still here,, I hope you've felt these powerful energies too!

I Appreciate you all, in whatever way you enjoy my Art... I hope it reminds you there's a Bigger Picture in all our Lives... so join me in taking a few deep breaths... & Know & Trust that all really is well!...

☀️So wherever you are on this Beautiful Planet, make today & everyday count~

Be Kind, to yourself 1st,.. & then others,

Get out into Nature,

Connect with the Earth,

Ground yourselves,

Recharge your Spirits,

Appreciate Life & All it has to offer!☀️

I'll leave it here for now,

Be back soon...

Til then, have fun, & enjoy the Simple pleasures of Daily Life itself!

Best Wishes, Theresa...💚



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